18 EdTech Integration Ideas for the Language Arts Classroom

During the September 15th #gafechat Twitter chat, I posed content specific questions to drive conversation and sharing of ideas around 'Creating Digital Awareness'. If you missed the chat, you can find the full archives here.

Here is the Language Arts question that I posed:

Here are some of the ideas that the participants shared. 

The students could...
  1. do an exquisite corpse - have each student write for two minutes and then have students switch and another student continue the story. (@mbswoods)
  2. write using the new Voice feature in Google documents (@alicebarr)
  3. write a collaborative story using a Google Document. Each student can take turns writing a sentence. (@LISDTechie)
  4. summarize in "tweet" style (140 characters or less) (@curryhj2000)
  5. Tweet a writer on Twitter to ask questions about a book (@curryhj2000)
  6. blog and share their thoughts with the class or world. (@TeachingFactor)
  7. create a writing E-portfolio on Google Slides and add images to support. (@TeachingFactor)
  8. write stories together using Story Wars (@ShakeUpLearning)
  9. write a story on a Google document and use the Research Feature to include images to support. (@LISDTechie)
  10. post a question in Google Classroom and have them respond (@MLunoff)
  11. create an online flipbook using FlipSmackEDU (@nsattler) 
  12. record their reflection/thoughts using Vocaroo, save in Google Drive and share with others. (@LISDTechie)
  13. compare and contrast two images provided by the teacher via a Google Form inserted image and paragraph text box. (@tntechgal)
  14. create a Choose Your Own Adventure story using Google Slides or Google Forms (@LISDTechie)
  15. create editorial style blog posts about current events. Have other students comment on posts. (@ospikes) Google Document with commenting rights is great for this. 
  16. compose a quick conversation between two characters (historical, mathematical, fictional, etc.) using Story Builder. (@LISDTechie
  17. draft, write, edit, revise, and then record a podcast using SoundTrap (@AlexaSchlechter
  18. participate in quadblogging to infuse an authentic audience to engage students (@kilgoretech)
Additional Resources Shared:

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