Saturday, May 23, 2015

Google Drive: Research Tool Overview

A couple days ago, I was observing a middle school class. I noticed that a student was conducting his online research in one tab and then switching back to another tab to put his findings in a Google Presentation. I asked if I could show him something and he graciously agreed. I spent less than one minute teaching him about the research tool feature in Google Presentations. Upon finishing he looked at me and said, "coooooool." The way he said it, I knew I just changed the way he conducts research from that day forth. 

Using the Research Tool is easy to use. Here is a quick overview of the tool:

Here is a poster showing the various types of research that can be conducted from within your document, drawing, slide. 
Research Tool Poster

Every teacher and student who uses Google Drive should be aware of this feature. Please help spread the word. 

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