Favorite Chrome Extensions - Week of March 2, 2015

Here are my top picks for the week. Hope you find at least one new extension to fall in love with.

#1: Google Calendar (by Google)
Type: Productivity
Summary: If you use Google Calendar, then this is a must have extension. It allows you to quickly see your calendar from any open window/tab. You also have the ability to add a new event from the extension.

Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension is for all of you tab hoarders out there. You know the ones that have so many tabs open that they have a hard time finding the one they want. With TabJump you can quickly open a pop-up window that shows you the tabs you have open, so you can choose the right one in an instant. It also shows you recently closed tabs and open tabs that are related to the one you have currently on.

#3: Hangouts
Type: Social & Communication
Summary: This extension will keep Google Hangouts running on your computer, so you are always available. I always have this extension running so that people know when I am online and can contact me with questions or just want to chat. 

Type: Productivity
Summary: Finding the perfect browser start up page has been a battle for me. I find ones that I like for a while, but there is always something that seems to be missing. I have been using this extension for over a month now and am pretty pleased. There are a bunch of different widgets that you can add the page, so you tailor it to your likes and needs. This is definitely an extension that is worth a try if you are like me and want a customized homepage.

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