Mash-Up: + Screencastify = Interactive Whiteboard

I am starting a new series called Mash-Up. The idea came to me as I was thinking about the popular App Smashing concept. In App Smashing students use 2 more more iOS or Android applications to create a product. Mash-Up is going to show how to combine 2-3 web-based tools. For all the educators out there who don't have student iPads, this is for you. 

In this first Mash-Up I will showcase how to use, a web whiteboard, and Screencastify, a Chrome extension, to create an interactive whiteboard. 

I hope you will find this new series useful. There is no set schedule for when videos will come out, but stay tuned because more are on the way.


  1. Kelly, You are on my train of thought! I work with teachers, but I have been brainstorming PD that is a combination app smash, combination mash-up, combination app dice, combination Trivial Pursuit/Trivia Crack. I will definitely snag your resources to promote this series. Thank you!