Checkmark Chrome Extension - Feedback Tool for Student Writing

Check out the new Checkmark Chrome extension from the EdTechTeam. It allows teachers, or peer editors, to provide feedback to a student's document, without telling them exactly how to change the writing. Instead it alerts the student of a potential error and puts the correction back on the student.

The Checkmark Chrome extension allows a teacher, or peer, to provide feedback to a student’s writing quickly and easily.

Access the above image here

Steps for using the extension:
  1. Install the Chrome extension
  2. Enable it on your bookmark bar  
  3. Open a document you have editing or commenting rights to
  4. Highlight a word, phrase, or sentence on the document
  5. Use the toolbar to provide appropriate feedback. 
  6. The feedback will be displayed as a comment for the students. 


  1. Do the students have to have the extension too for this to work?

    1. No, the feedback is inserted as a comment on their document.