Secondary Math Card Sorts with Desmos

Card sorts are a good way for students to interact with their learning by grouping concepts that relate to one another, such as vocabulary, geometric figures, graphs, functions, etc. In addition to the sort, it is always best to add high-order questions to engage the students into explaining their reasoning for the groupings. 

Desmos, which started as an online graphing calculator, has advanced into interactive activities, with already made content for: conics, exponential, expressions, functions, inequalities, linear, linear systems, modeling, quadratics, and transformations. 

In the past, I have made all of my card sorts using Google Slides and I will continue for non-math related content. For math, however, I will use the card sorting feature in Desmos, which I learned about from an amazing colleague, Meghan Hill.

Here is a quick video from Desmos that shows how it works. 

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