StackUp Chrome Extension: Fake News Warning, Web Page Reading Level, and More

I just recently learned about the StackUp Chrome Extension and highly recommend it for any teacher and/or student.  

Purpose of the Chrome Extension:
  • Tracks your online reading time

  • Notifies you of a possible fake news (misleading information) website through a 'Be a Critical Thinker' header pop-up. 
  • Measures the reading Level of any webpage

  • See the average reading level of the websites you visit (on your Dashboard)


  • Agree to the terms by clicking on 'Add extension'

  • Keep the extension enabled as you visit websites. 

After the extension is installed, use the American News website, which is known to be fake news, to view the 'Be a Critical Thinker' header. When the header appears on a website it doesn't identify the misleading information, but informs you as a reader to be mindful of the credibility of the source. 

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