EZ Query Google Sheets Add-on - Perfect for Google Form Submissions

The EZ Query Add-on for Google Sheets is the perfect add-on for when you want to have information automatically transferred from the main sheet onto another sheet based on certain criteria. 

This add-on works best when you use multiple choice or dropdown style questions, as the data must match exactly in order for the transfer to work. For names, I suggest automatically capturing their username because if you have them write their name and they accidentally misspell it or don't capitalize the name then the add-on will not recognize it as an exact match. 

Step 1: Add the EZ Query add-on

Step 2: From the Google sheet, click on Add-on, and select Create Sheet.

Step 3: Choose 'Single sheet' or 'Unique from column' (and select the column that would have the unique data)
Step 4: Enter the name for the new sheet
Step 5: Choose which columns you want the data to transfer to the new sheet 

Step 6: Create a filter by clicking on the + and setting the criteria for the new sheet. The information you enter must match the data in the column exactly (spelling and capitalization counts)

Step 7: Add another filter (optional) or click 'Create'

Here is my example:

Now every time some one submits an entry that matches your filter, it will automatically transfer to the new sheet you created. 

(g)Math Google Form Add-on - Perfect for Teachers and Students

I love that the g(Math) Google Form Add-on allows teachers to create math expressions, graphs, statistical displays, handwriting examples, and make multiple choice questions. In addition, you can now allow students to answer in the form using g(math). 

If you are not familiar with creating a Google Form, please see this tutorial.

Here are the steps you need to take to add the add-on to your Google Forms. 

Here is a run down of all the cool things you can do with g(Math).