EZ Query Google Sheets Add-on - Perfect for Google Form Submissions

The EZ Query Add-on for Google Sheets is the perfect add-on for when you want to have information automatically transferred from the main sheet onto another sheet based on certain criteria. 

This add-on works best when you use multiple choice or dropdown style questions, as the data must match exactly in order for the transfer to work. For names, I suggest automatically capturing their username because if you have them write their name and they accidentally misspell it or don't capitalize the name then the add-on will not recognize it as an exact match. 

Step 1: Add the EZ Query add-on

Step 2: From the Google sheet, click on Add-on, and select Create Sheet.

Step 3: Choose 'Single sheet' or 'Unique from column' (and select the column that would have the unique data)
Step 4: Enter the name for the new sheet
Step 5: Choose which columns you want the data to transfer to the new sheet 

Step 6: Create a filter by clicking on the + and setting the criteria for the new sheet. The information you enter must match the data in the column exactly (spelling and capitalization counts)

Step 7: Add another filter (optional) or click 'Create'

Here is my example:

Now every time some one submits an entry that matches your filter, it will automatically transfer to the new sheet you created. 

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  1. Mentioned Google sheet addon is really helpful for me I am a regular user of google sheet and docs. This add on to add labels will help me alot and reduce my efforts.