Favorite Chrome Extensions for the Week - January 12, 2015

This week doesn't have a particular theme. The first and second extension I just recently learned about and love them! The last two I have know for a while, but never advertised them. They are great extensions, but kind of forgot about because they are the behind the scenes type.  

#1: WOT (Web of Trust)
Type: Search Tools
Summary: This extension is a MUST for teachers and students. The Web of Trust (WOT) extension shows you the credibility of a website based on other users ratings. If the website has a poor rating it will give you a warning pop-up when you go to that site. You have to make the decision to proceed to site in order for the pop-up to disappear. I showcased this extension in my blog post Quick and Easy Tools to Use to Find Credibility of a Website

#2: Capture Webpage Screenshot
Type: Blogging (Photo)
Summary: This is a must have screenshot extension for any device where taking a screenshot is not easy. There is nothing fancy about this extension, but it allows you to quickly capture an entire webpage, the visible portion or a portion of your choosing. You can then choose to save the image as a png, jpeg or pdf. 

#3: Click & Clean
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension does it all. It allows you to see and delete your cache, history, downloads, extensions, and cookies individually or you can click clear private data to delete your cache, history and downloads all at once. Cleaning up your computer every once in a while will help with performance, but remembering all the locations you have to go to do to this can be daunting. With this extension you only have to go to one place to access it all. 


#4: LastPass: Free Password Manager
Type: Productivity
Summary: You practically need a password for everything now and every site has a different requirement on length, uppercase, lowercase, numerical, etc. It is so hard to keep track of the passwords. With this extension you only have to remember one because it keeps track of all the rest for you. 

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