Easy Steps to Creating Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

If you are part of a Google for Education district then you have the ability to add appointment slots to your calendar. 

Although you have to have a Google for Education account to set-up this feature you do not have to have a Google for Education account to book an appointment, which means you can share the link with people outside your district's domain.

Here are a few suggestions on why you would want to use this feature:
  • students can sign up for 1-on-1 tutorials
  • teachers can reserve the computer lab
  • teachers can sign up 1-on-1 tech help
  • teachers can sign up to meet with an instructional coach
  • parents requesting a conference
Follow these quick and easy steps to get started:

Step 1: Open up Google Calendar

Step 2: Switch to Day or Week View (this feature will not work in any other view)

Step 3: Select the date and single click on the time you would like the appointment slot to start. Select Appointment Slots.

Step 4: Enter in title, choose date and time span, type of appointment slot (single or slots with duration), amount of time for appointments, and calendar you would like to post on. 

Step 5: For advanced features, click on More Options

Step 6: Click on 'This calendar's appointment page', capture the URL of that page and share with whomever you need to make appointments or provide link in on your website, email signature, etc. 

Here is how the appointment slots will appear for others:

View from your calendar with appointments made

If your district uses gmail, then you will receive an email every time someone makes an appointment. If something comes up and you can make the requested appointment, you can decline the request and the requester will receive an email. If the requester needs to cancel the appointment he/she can delete it from his/her calendar and it will delete it on your calendar.

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