My Favorite Chrome Extensions for the Week - November 17th

This week the Chrome extensions are focused around helping students with reading and writing. The extensions can be used to aid students who might struggle with reading, need assistance in writing or those that need to want to or need to improve their reading speed.

#1: Select and Speak
Type: Productivity (Reading)
Summary: Select and Speak allows students to select a word or words and have it read to them. There are 43 voices to choose from with both male and female options. The student has the ability to pause, as well as slow down or speed up the reading. This is a great extension for students who struggle with reading or are learning English as a second language.

#2: BeeLine Reader
Type: Productivity (Reading)
Summary: This is a great extension uses a color gradient to guide your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. It makes reading text online easier. Students have the option to choose from a 5 different color gradient or customize with the colors of their choice. There are settings for different fonts, including one for dyslexic students.

#3: Spreed
Type: Productivity (Reading)
Summary: This extension is used to aid students in increasing their reading speed without compromising comprehension. It takes the online text and puts one word (or multiple if the student chooses) in a pop-up. The student can use keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease the rate the words appear. After the text has been completed it will show the students the WPM. 

#4: VoiceNote
Type: Productivity (Reading)
Summary: With this extension students are able to write using their voice. The text starts to appear once they begin to speak. Students can say the word 'period' to end the sentence. Once the extension recognizes that the student is done with the sentence, it moves below and the student can continue to speak the next sentence. Errors can be corrected on the notepad and then the text can be copied and pasted into a Google Doc or Word document. This is a great extension for students who struggle with writing because they can't type or physically write. 

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