Favorite Chrome Extensions for the Week - November 24th

Here are my favorite Chrome extensions for the week. This week focuses on saving time while trying to get work done.

#1: Closed Tabs
Type: Accessibility
Summary: This extension is great when you need to access closed tabs quickly. Every time you close a tab it is added to the Closed Tab extension for easy retrieval. You have the ability to clear all tabs when the list gets too long. 

#2: Autocopy
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension allows you to automatically copy text or links when they are selected saving the number times a day you click Ctrl/Cmd + C

#3: Timer
Type: Productivity
Summary: Set a timer for allotted time you would like to be on the web.

#4: Strict Workflow
Type: Productivity
Summary: Enforces 25 minutes of distraction-free work by blocking those distracting websites. Then gives you a 5 minute break.

If you are new to Chrome or want to learn more, click here to see some of the great things Chrome allows you to do.

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