Chrome Extensions of the Week - October 6th

Here are my Chrome Extension picks for the week. Google Dictionary, Hide YouTube Comments and Quick Add are extensions that I have turned on all of the time. I only turn on SpeakIt when I have a need for that particular extension. When you have over 100 extensions, like I do, you have to turn extensions on and off as needed.

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#1 Google Dictionary
Type: Search Tools
Summary: I love this extension! This extension allows me to quick find a definition by double-clicking on a word. It will even pronounce the word for me. This is a must have for anyone!!!

#2 Hide YouTube Comments
Type: Productivity
Summary: I am not a fan of the comments people leave on YouTube. It seems most comments are negative and hateful and really don't serve any true purpose. This extension will block the comments for you, so you don't have to be bothered with them. 

#3 Quick Add! Create Quick Calendar Events
Type: Productivity
Summary: Quickly add an event to your Google Calendar from any open tab. 

#3 SpeakIt
Type: Productivity
Summary: SpeakIt is a great reading extension. Highlight text from a website and SpeakIt will read the text to you. This is a wonderful extension for struggling readers or anyone who wants to have text read to them. 

If you are new to Chrome or want to learn more, click here to see some of the great things Chrome allows you to do.

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