Chrome Extensions of the Week - September 29th

While most of my Chrome extensions are picked for educators, this week they are universal and can be used by anyone.

#1 Subscriptions Grid for YouTube
Type: Productivity
Summary: This is a great extension for anyone who follows subscriptions on YouTube. It turns the list that you normally get into a grid of videos, so you are able to see more at once. 

#2 EasyBib Tools
Type: Productivity
Summary: If you are like me you can't keep up with how to properly create a bibliography. With this extension you don't have to memorize all of the rules. It creates the bibliography for you from the website you are visiting and gives you the option to save for later, save as a Google document or print as a Word document. Another bonus feature is that it will let you know if the website is credible or not based on other users feedback. 

#3 Copy All URLs
Type: Productivity
Summary: This is an educators dream! Open all of the resources you want to share in separate tabs and in one click it will copy all of the URLs for you. Now you can paste them all at once instead of going back and forth between the document, email, or any other way you want to share the websites.

#4 Custom Google Background
Type: Fun
Summary: This allows you to make a unique Google homepage by providing your own image or searching the web for one. You also have 10+ ways to personalize the homepage, such as hiding the Doodle icon, make the search bar stealth (as in the picture below), and much more. 

Check out my Chrome Extension page for past recommendations. 


  1. Wow great tools and some I haven't heard of!! Thanks for sharing

  2. The Custom Google Background...I'm all over that!!

  3. Martha, you are welcome. I am glad you were able to find some new extensions. I always get so happy when I learn new ones, but that is the nut in me.

    Ann, isn't Custom Google Background awesome. I love that my background can be unique to me.