Design Virtual Trips with Google Tour Builder

Tour Builder, a free Google tool, that allows users to build virtual trips showcasing text, images, and videos. Here are a couple examples of Google Tour Builder:

Here are a few suggestions for using the tool:
  • path of a historical event, such as a battle
  • mapping the community
  • places that have changed our community over time (@jenn6416)
  • path taken by a historical figure, such as a tour of important landmarks in Columbus’ journey (@mr_middle_2)
  • locations from a book
  • highlighting math in the world, such as find examples of acute angles in architecture (@mbswoods)
  • various landforms or biomes 
  • create tours to give a geospatial perspective on current events to expand on the roles of GIS in Earth Science (@jcalderitrt)

Check out my tutorial for more information:

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