Favorite Chrome Extensions - Week of April 13th

Here are my Chrome extensions for the week. 

#1: One Click Google Hangout

Type: Social & Communication
Summary: I love this extension. You can instantly create a Google Hangout simply by clicking the extension icon. The Google Hangout window pops up, while instantly copying the link to the hangout on your clipboard, so you can quickly share. Keep in mind it this works for a regular Hangout, not a Hangout on Air.

#2: Quickmarks
Type: Productivity
Summary: If you are someone who bookmarks a lot of sites on your bookmark bar then this is a must have. Once installed, type 'b + tab' in the omnibar, type in the name of your bookmark, hit enter and it will immediately open. 

#3: TimeStats

Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension gives you a breakdown of the sites you visit daily, monthly, and more visited. It gives you the amount of time spent at each site, complete list of the domains from most to least visited, the days you spend the largest amount of time, and more. You can place the sites into categories to help you track the type of sites you spend most of your time. 

#4: Calculator
Type: Productivity
Summary: This is a scientific calculator that will open up in the tab/window you are in. Sure you can open the calculator in Google, but this takes you away from the page that you are on. There is nothing magical about this extension, it won't do the math steps for you, but it will allow you to quickly compute the answer. Some people think that calculators should be kept from students. I disagree. I think that students should use calculators when they are practicing problems to help them see if their answer is correct. It won't do the steps for the student and in no way should it replace the students working through the problem. It is just a way for students compare their answer to the calculators answer. 

Did you learn any new extensions that you are looking forward to using? 

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