Chrome Hacks: Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks

I love Chrome. I refuse to use any other browser, unless I am forced to and even then I am kicking and screaming. 

Here are my favorite Chrome Hacks. Please share these tips with fellow educators and students. They will love you for it. 

If I failed to mention your favorite Chrome tip, please share in the comment section below. 

Set an Expiration Date for Doc, Sheet, and Slide Files

I am so excited that Google added the 'Expiration Date' feature in Google Drive and even more excited that it is finally available in our district. The latest update to sharing will now allow you to remove access to a file from those whom you give commenting or viewing rights. 

The feature is only available for Google Apps customers, so don't go looking for this in your personal Google account. It is available for all Drive files, except for Drawing (which I personally hope comes soon). This feature will come in extremely hand when sharing files with students, parents, student teachers, and teaching fellows.