Google Drive: No Wifi = No Problem with Offline Access

One thing I love about Google Drive is the ability to work offline on my Google documents, sheets (spreadsheets), slides (presentations), and drawings whether I have internet access or not. I use the offline feature when I am traveling in the car (as a passenger of course), on a plane, or anywhere I am unable to connect. I don't let the lack of internet access limit my ability to get my work done. Then the minute you connect to the internet, all of your changes or newly created Drive files automatically sync to your Drive. 

Here is how to quickly enable offline access in your settings and never worry about accessing, updating, or creating new files again. 

For Google for Education districts, the option must be enabled in the Admin Console, so if you don't see the option, please contact your Google administration. 

This is also great for students who have homework, but no internet access at home. 

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