Row Call - Google Sheets Add-on for Sorting Responses

Row Call is a great Google Sheets add-on that creates a separate sheet based on Google Form responses. 

Instructional Purpose
Use one Google Form to collect students work, such as an Assignment Dropbox Template, and then have Row Call sort the responses instantaneous by submitter. While you can sort the main sheet by name in order to review responses, I like that this keeps it clean and organized by putting it on individual sheets.


  1. I am using this for my homework. I noticed when I color a cell on the main sheet that is not transferred to the tabs (neither are commas in numbers). What am I missing?

    1. I am so sorry for the delay. I don't know how I missed this comment. The coloring of the cell doesn't transfer over to the other tabs. Just the information in the cell. As for commas in numbers, this is strange as this should transfer over just like it appears on the main tab. I just tested it out again and mine worked fine. Is it not working for any numbers or just a few?

  2. Can you add information to the roll call tabs after you have run the add on? It appears that information can still only be added to the main tab. Is this correct?