Favorite Chrome Extensions - Week of April 27th

Here are my Chrome extensions picks for the week. 

#1: Bookmark My Tabs
Type: Productivity 
Summary: There are a lot of extensions out there that will save your tab groups, but this extension is different in that it saves to your bookmark bar. It will also open bookmark folders that you already have created. You have the ability pick and choose which tabs you want to save or just copy all of the open URLs to share with others. 

#2: RSS Feed Reader 
Type: News & Weather
Summary: Great way to keep track of all of your RSS and Atom feeds. Don't miss another blog again. 

#3: Magic Actions for YouTube 
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension adds a tool bar under the YouTube video that allows you to control settings. It does Auto HD, ad block, cinema mode (which pulls the video up and takes away the distractions), screenshot, and more. With a 4.8 star rating from over 66,000 people, how could you not check this extension out. 

#4: Facts 
Type: Fun
Summary: I love learning, whether it be useful or useless information. It is the trivia geek in me. This extension isn't magical, but I find it fun getting a new fact everyday. If you aren't someone who gets excited about learning new random things then this extension is not for you. 

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