CheckItOut Google Form Add-On

CheckItOut is a great Google Form add-on that will track items checked out and checked back in. This is very useful for shared classroom devices, shared school carts, class library books, etc. When someone checks out an item the add-on automatically transfers the item from check out to check in and vice versa. The owner can keep track of items easier and the user can see which items are available/unavailable.

Follow these steps to use the add-on:

Step 1: Add the CheckItOut add-on from the Chrome Webstore. 

Step 2From the add-ons wheel, select CheckItOut.

Step 3: Choose Add/Edit Question Set

Step 4: Choose check in/out set name (item, device, etc.), question type, and modify check out/in empty text (what appears if all items are checked out or checked in). Once filled out, click Add.

Step 5: Edit the Check Out question by adding the items to be checked out.

Step 6: Once the item has been checked out it will be removed from that question and appear on the check in question. 

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