Padlet - Great Tool to Organize Ideas, Resources and More!

Padlet is an online bulletin board that can be used for many different things. Using Padlet you can post text, hyperlinks, upload files from computer or take a picture with your webcam.

Here are some ways Padlet can be used in education:
  • brainstorming ideas
  • sharing resources in different topics
  • discussion board with students
  • bachkchanneling during professional development
  • sharing resources all on the same topic (see example here)
  • post tools you can to learn more about
  • e-portfolio of student work (use webcam to take pictures or hyperlink to Google documents)

There are three ways that the posts can be laid out on the board:
  • Freeform - this allows you to move the posts to the location of your choice. 
  • Stream - this places the posts one on top of another. 
  • Grid - this automatically snaps the posts into grid form. 

Other great features of Padlet:
  • log in using your Google account
  • embed onto a website or blog
  • choose theme or upload image to create custom board
  • make board private, password protected, hidden by link or public
  • moderate posts
  • export board
  • share via link, email or social networking site

There is also a Padlet Chrome Extension that allows you to add the webpage you are on to any of your Padlet boards in one click. Genius!

Want to learn more about Padlet? Check out the Getting Started section. 

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