Favorite Chrome Extensions for the Week - February 16, 2015

Here are my favorite Chrome extensions for the week. If you are not familiar with Chrome, check out my Getting Jiggy with Chrome presentation.

#1: Ballloon
Type: Productivity (images)
Summary: This extension allows you to quickly save images to Drive, Dropbox and OneNote

Type: Productivity
SummaryImproves YouTube's functions and site with Limited Permissions. Auto HD, Resize, Annotations, Playback Speed and more.

#3: Tabs Outliner
Type: Productivity
SummaryThis extension allows you to manage your browser all in one place. You are able to see all the tabs you have open in one place, save open tabs and restore them later. This is much like Session Buddy.

#4: Tab Hibernation
Type: Productivity
SummarySends your inactive tabs to sleep to help improve your computers memory.

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