My Favorite Chrome Extensions - Week of January 26, 2015

Here are my picks for the week. 

#1: Video Downloader Professional 
Type: Search Tools (Videos)
Summary: I am not one who downloads a lot of videos. I don't want videos to take up space on my device. I am someone who likes to save videos to watch later and this extension does just that. While you can download videos from the web, you are not permitted to download protected videos or YouTube videos. YouTube restricts the ability to download videos because of copyright infringement, so the Chrome web store has restricted any extension from the ability to do this. I personally love that because it teaches digital citizenship. The part of this extension that I love is being able to create a list of videos that I want to watch later. It will play the saved video from the list which is also another nice feature. The only feature I absolutely wish it had was the ability to share the list with others. 

#2Shortcuts for Google
Type: Productivity
Summary: There are extensions out there that will allow you quick access to Google tools, but most of them do not allow you to tailor the tools for your needs. This extension is great because it allows you to choose from over 250 Google services to put on the list. 

#3: Adblock Plus
Summary: This extension is a must have if you are like me and hate those annoying ads. It will block ads and banners on YouTube, Facebook, webmail, and more. 

#4: OpenDyslexic
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension is great for people with dyslexia because it changes web sites into the OpenDyslexic font, so pages are easier to read. 

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