Favorite Chrome Extension of the Week - December 1st

This week's focus is on using Chrome extensions to help you research on the web. These are great extensions for teachers and students.

#1: Tab Resize
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension is similar to Tab Scissors and Tab Glue, but on steroids. It allows you to choose an already existing layout, create your own, undo, and add blank tabs to the layout. I do believe this is my new go to extension when I want to create a new tab layout. It even supports multiple monitors, which makes be every happy. Here is a YouTube video showing how it works.

#2: Highlight to Search
Type: Search Tools
Summary: This makes searching on the web easy. Simply highlight text from an article on the web and a search icon will appear. It will even show you recommendations from the highlighted text. 

#3: Search All
Type: Search Tools
Summary: Quickly and easily find information from multiple search engines with this extension. Highlight the text you want to search, right click and choose the search engine from the available list. If you want to start a new search, click the extension and a pop-up will appear. Simply type in your terms and choose the search engine.

#4: Clearly
Type: Productivity
Summary: Strip extraneous images and distractions on webpages to make a  "clear" set of text to read. Highlight text, send the clip to Evernote account.



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