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I have become a Chrome App and Extension junkie. I truly think I have an obsession or addiction or just plain infatuation. Perhaps it is all three and I am OK with that. I embrace the fact that I AM A CHROME ADDICT. There I said it, so let me see what I can do to get you to become an addict, too.

Chrome Apps are web-based applications that work within the Chrome browser. Some app even integrate with Google Drive. There are apps that allow you to create collages of pictures, edit pictures with effects and text, leave voice feedback on a Google document, access my Kindle books on my computer, and more. The apps that I have downloaded are free and while some have a premium version you can pay for, I have found the free versions to work just great for me.

Chrome Apps can be download from the Chrome Web Store and once downloaded can be found in multiple locations.

Here is a document that I have put together with some of my favorite apps. Of course, this document is a work in progress, so please bookmark it and reference frequently.

I will admit that although I do love the apps I am way more of a Chrome Extension junkie. Chrome Extensions are extra features and functions that modify the Google Chrome browser. You can do things like save tabs for future retrieval, send a PDF of a website to your Drive, create shortened URLs and QR Codes, bookmark websites to Diigo/Pocket/Delicious, etc., pin websites to Pinterest, and so much more. Chrome Extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and are housed on your browser toolbar.


You can disable/enable extensions that you aren't using in settings or with one of my favorite extensions called Extensity. Here is a document that I have put together with some extensions that I recommend. Just like the apps document, this list is a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy your summer and get a chance to learn some new Chrome apps and extensions. I tell you once you start downloading you won't want to stop. Hope to see you at the next Google Chrome Addict meeting...oh I should start hosting these...

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