Trick for Having Others Copy Your Google Form

Okay, so I might be late to the game, but I just discovered that you can force people to make a copy of your Google Form, just like you can with Google documents, spreadsheets, etc. I was getting so frustrated with the new switch to Google Forms because I had so many templates that I wanted to share with people, but I didn't like that I had to give everyone editing rights to my templates. Not that I didn't trust people, but if they forgot to make a copy and started editing my form then I had to redo it. With the 'force copy' feature all of my frustrations have gone out the door. Well with Google Forms that is...

In case you don't know the 'force copy' trick, here are the steps. They apply the same with documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, and of course forms. Again, why did I not test this out earlier. 

Step 1: Change the sharing permissions of the Google Form to 'anyone with the link can edit' or 'anyone within (domain) with the link can edit.' I have found that public on the web can get "glitchy" with this feature. 

Step 2: Change the ending of the URL from edit to copy

Step 3: Share the URL (with copy at the end) with anyone you want and when they open the URL, they will be prompted to make a copy. 

Here is a link to my presentation that shows how to create a Google Form and has the majority of my Google Form templates (templates start on slide 34). Feel free to copy any and all templates. 

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