Online Assessments with Quizizz

Quizizz is a great relatively new website that allows teachers to steal, borrow, and create online assessments for students. Quizizz has been compared to Kahoot, as it awards points for answering questions correctly, but there are a couple features that I found I like better. First, it shows the question and answers on the student devices, so no more looking back and forth from teacher's display to student device. Second, it allows the students to take the quiz at their own pace (up to 15 minutes per question). In addition, it has a homework feature. 

In the tutorial video you will learn:
  • how to duplicate an entire quiz from someone else
  • how to edit someone else's quiz to make your own
  • how to create your own quiz
  • how to borrow individual questions off of someone else's quiz
  • how to adjust time limit per question
  • how to reorder questions
  • how to push out assessment live or as homework
  • what the teacher view looks like during and after a quiz
  • what the student view looks like during and after a quiz

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