20 Integration Ideas for Math Problem Solving

I hear a lot of teachers say that integrating technology in math class is too hard. As a former math teacher and curriculum specialist, I understand the arguments, but I also don't think we should limit students. Math class is about solving problems and proving understanding, but that doesn't need to be done in isolation or only through paper and pencil.

Here are some technology integration ideas that students can use in math class. The ideas came from our September 15th #gafechat about 'Creating Digital Awareness." Here is the scenario and question that I posed:

From the discussion, these were some ideas people shared.

Have the students...

  1. create a screencast video to explain their understanding. Use tools such as Screencastify or TechSmith Snagit. (@curryhj2000@LISDTechie)
  2. create a video tutorial for other students to view (@MLunoff)
  3. create a real life situation with pictures to be solved by classmates. (@curryhj2000)
  4. watch math videos and create their own lessons in Google Slides (@AlexaSchlechter) 
  5. analyze math problems using Desmos (@curryhj2000)
  6. show and explain how they solve problems using Educreations. (@ShakeUpLearning)
  7. create a shared Google document and together with a partner solve problems using the g(math) add-on. One student solves the problem and the other student gives a written explanation steps taken to reach the answer; then switch roles. (@LISDTechie)
  8. use Formative to answer questions, while the teacher watches students answer live. Teacher can then give instant feedback to the students. (@kilgoretech) 
  9. create a math problem and post in Google Classroom. Students can answer each others questions. (MrBermanMath)
  10. Use an interactive whiteboard, such as awwapp.com to solve problems with partners. Student 1 does first step, Student 2 does second step, repeat. (@LISDTechie)
  11. create a Powtoon showing every step to solve the problem. (@MrBermanMath)
  12. engage in a lesson that integrates Real World Math, which utlizes Google Earth to bring problems to life (@jcalvert4)
  13. use Explain Everything to explain their thoughts and the process they took to solve the problem (@MsKarrsGators)
  14. record a podcast discussing the steps used to solve the problems. (@MrBermanMath)
  15. create surveys, collect data and then analyze the results. (@danaritterbeck)
  16. use iMovie to create a movie trailer showing problem solving steps (@MrBermanMath)
  17. use Geogebra to solve geometry based problems (@jcalvert4)
  18. watch a Khan Academy video and then construct a visual, on Google Drawing, representing the information learned. (@LISDTechie)
  19. use Geoguessr, a maps trivia game, to relate distance to points scored (@MathDenisNJ)
  20. create a GIF or stop motion movie showing steps used to solve a problem (@MrBermanMath)

Here are additional resources to use:

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  1. Two other great resources I use for math are Kahoot! and Socrative. The students are really engaged, but they're really just solving the types of problems I would have previously given them on a worksheet.