Mash-Up: Google Forms +

I created this video a few weeks ago, but never put it in a blog. is a great website that will take any data you have in a table and convert it into an interactive map. 

Here is a sneak preview of what the map will look like:

The only 2 stipulations are that you must collect the city AND state/country. As long as you have that information you are good to go. Here is a brief video demonstrating using Google form submissions with

Here are some integration ideas:
  • Collect where students traveled over the summer or holiday along with interesting information about themselves
  • Collect where students will be going to college and a link to the college homepage
  • Collect links to each students research project and turn the map into a whole class portfolio
  • Collect where students would like to travel to with links to images of things they would like to see on their trip
  • Collect were certain plants/specifies originated from with information about the items
  • Information about US Presidents or Country Leaders, such as hometown, years in leadership, etc.
As you can see this tool is not just limited to the social studies class. Get creative, or better yet let the students get creative with this site. If you have an integration suggestion, please share in the comment section. 

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