Resources & Ideas on Digital Citizenship

Last night #gafechat combined with #txlchat to discuss Digital Citizenship. It was co-moderated by Becky Calzada and myself. We were a bit worried that St. Patrick's Day and Spring Break would keep people from participating. Boy were we mistaken! Over 70 people came to share and learn about digital citizenship. It was an amazing conversation

With that said, here are some great resources and ideas gathered from the discussion.


  • Digital citizenship does not always need to be some formal lesson. It can be a brief discussion with students on what it means to be a good online citizen.
  • Instead of using the term 'digital footprint' we should use 'digital tattoo' because it helps solidify permanency. Something you put online can be deleted, but will still leave a trace, just as removing a tattoo still leaves a trace.

Digital Citizenship Educator Resources

Digital Citizenship Activities/Ideas
I want to thank all who came and participated in the chat. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing PLN to learn from. Here is a link to the archived chat if you want to check out more of the conversation. 

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