Mash-Up: Spreed Chrome Extension + Online Text = Fluency Companion (for Students)

This mash-up showcases the Spreed Chrome Extension and any online text that is kid friendly, such as or When the tools are mashed-up together it will create an online fluency companion for students. Students can not practice their fluency reading on their own in order to better reach their latest goal. 

Spreed Chrome Extension allows you to practice your reading by adjusting your WPM (Words Per Minute). It claims that using the extension will double or triple your reading speed. I don't know if they have any research to back this up, but this mash-up is simply showcasing as a means to practice reading speed.

There are a plenty of online articles that students can choose from, so use the sites that you find the best. Some of my top choices are Newsela, Teaching Kids News, and Time for Kids. Newsela allows you to change the lexile reading level, which is a great benefit for students. Teaching Kid News, is geared towards students in 2nd-8th grade. Time for Kids, has the most recent news articles written for students. 

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