URL Shorteners and QR Code Generators Worth Checking Out

With goo.gl shutting down on April 13, 2018 (read more here) it is time for many to find a new replacement for the one they have adored for years. While I am sad to see another Google service die, I am not overly torn up about it because I know there are others out there just as good or better. So before you get too upset about the death of goo.gl, check out these replacements. 

Option #1: Bit.ly - https://bitly.com/ 
Pros: create custom URLs, edit the URL at a later time, get click analytics, has a Chrome extension

Cons: doesn't create QR codes

Option #2: Yellkey - https://www.yellkey.com/ 
Pros: create a unique URL with key (password), no crazy letter combinations create URL for specific amount of time 

Cons: have to create new yellkey to share resource after 24 hours, doesn't create QR codes, no click analytics

Pros: quickly create QR code, scan a paper copy QR code with your webcam
Cons: doesn't create a shortened URL

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  1. Thanks for sharing the update + resources to support the transition from goo.gl!