Google Street View App with Google Cardboard

Google expeditions is a great way for students to visit locations around the world. Unfortunately, the kits can be expensive. A great less expensive alternative is to purchase a couple Google Cardboard viewers or any other virtual reality headset and use the free Google Street View app. (iOS and Android versions available). 

While you can't control the locations, you are still providing a unique and rich experience for the students. And for a lot less money. 

Follow these steps to create a virtual reality field trip:

  1. Using a cell phone, open up the Google Street View app
  2. Search for a location
  3. Click on one of the blue circles around the selected location
  4. Click cardboard icon on the top right of the image
  5. Place the device in the headset
  6. Put the headset up to your eyes and turn around 360 degrees to enjoy the location as you are there. 

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