Add Voice Notes in Google Drive

In a recent #gafechat (Twitter chat centered around Google in Education), Kelsey Flynn shared a Chrome extension she recently discovered called Talk and Comment. I started playing with it that night, but somehow got squirreled and stopped. Fast forward one week later, where I woke up this morning to a Tweet from Joe Dale mentioning that it works in Google doc comments. So I immediately set out to test it out. Sure enough, the extension works perfectly in Google docs, sheets, slides, and drawings. Teachers and students can now leave voice feedback in the comment section of other people's papers. 

Here is a quick video showing how it works. 

I am so excited about this feature! I think teachers are going to love how easy this extension will be for making quick voice comments. 

Note: make sure students set their papers to 'anyone with the link can comment,' so other people can leave the voice comments for them.