Overview of the New Google+

Google+ was updated a couple weeks ago and I am still getting used to the new changes. I compiled a list of the changes I have observed so far and updated my Google+ tutorial. I hope this helps you get familiar with the new updates. 

New Google+ Changes (classic Google+ refers to the old version):

  • the interface has a new simplistic interface
  • profile is  streamlined
  • collections have a more prominent role 
  • you now 'follow' people; once you 'follow' someone you can then place them into a circle
  • Google Hangouts is no longer in Google+ (check out its new location)
  • with the new Google+, you can only create events using an Android device; switch back to the classic Google+ to create an event using the computer. 
  • pages is no longer a part of Google+
  • you can no longer search within a community (super sad face)
  • you can only delete a community from an Android device (switch back to the old Google+ for this feature)
  • you can vote on a poll from the iOS app and computer, but can not create one. To create a poll use the Android app or switch back to the classic Google+
Check out this presentation to see the new changes in visual form.

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