Explore the World through GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is perfect for engaging students through game-based learning. The game drops you into 5 different locations around the world using Google's Street View. Your task is to figure out the location. You can move forward, backwards and turn 360 degrees around. You earn points based on how close your guess is to the actual location. 

I am addicted to GeoGuessr and play it all the time. My friend, Kellie Lambert, and I showcased the tool during a presentation at the 2015 Texas ASCD Conference. The following day we were approached by several people who stated they too are now addicts, too.  

To some this might look like just a game. To me it is a way to get students to think critically, while sharpening their problem-solving skills. It brings the world to them and allows them to explore. 

Things to consider when playing: 

  • What language are the signs in?
  • What side of the road are the cars driving on?
  • What kind of vegetation do you see?
  • Find signs to help you in further investigation (searching on the web).
  • What materials are used to construct the buildings?

Here are a example activities/ways to integrate GeoGuessr with students:

  • Have students figure out the algorithm for points awarded. Example spreadsheet.
  • As a teaser to the book, have students explore these five locations from The Outsiders.
  • Have students go through a GeoGuessr Biome Animal Challenge to identify animals that learn in various biomes around the world.
  • Challenge students to identify the common theme in this GeoGuessr Challenge (answer: all places President Ronald Reagan has lived)
  • Study various cultures around the world
  • Compare and contrast their current city with the places they visit
  • Use the locations as setting for a story
  • Have students create a descriptive paragraph on one of the locations.

Check out this quick video (no audio) showcasing how it works. 

You have been forewarned...this game is addicting. Happy traveling the world!! 

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