New Question Feature in Google Classroom

The new 'Create a Question' feature in Google Classroom is amazing. The teacher has the ability to add resources to the question and give a due date (if needed). It also allows the teacher to restrict students from seeing each other's answers and give permission to edit the response after submission

Here is a quick view of creating a question and setting permissions:

Once a student answers the question it instantly changes him/her to done. There is no action required for the student. This is a great way for the teacher to see who did and did not complete the question. You can access all of the responses from the question page (click on the question in the stream to access this page).

With the help of my #gafechat PLN here are some suggested ways of using the question feature:
  • Student feedback on lessons (@mle_val)
  • Exit / Out-the-Door tickets (multiple contributors)
    • Give 3 words that describe what you tool from this lesson (@nschwartztech)
    • What was clear? What was fuzzy (@mrhallstem)
    • What will you remember about today's lesson? Who will you tell? (@sveit)
    • What did you learn today? What should I do better next time? (@mrschoenbart)
    • What stuck with you? (@nschwartztech)
    • What are you left wondering after today's learning? (@thlibrarizen)
  • Practice constructed responses (@mrhallstem)
  • On the fly check for understanding
  • Watch a video and give summary of information learned (@nschwartztech)
  • Continue a Socrative Seminar or Philosophical Chairs discussion (@barbspringsedu)
  • Use with teachers instead of a faculty meeting (@mistymitchellm)
  • Open reflection and goal setting (@shakeuplearning)
  • Daily 'First Thought' Warmup - open ended question to get the students thinking (@lchsmrfleming)

Want to learn more about Google Classroom? Check out my tutorial here

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