Favorite Chrome Extensions for the Week - January 5th

I feel like such a slacker. I completely missed posting last week. It wasn't that I purposefully took a week off, it was that the holiday break took over and I just forgot. On top of that I forgot to post this last night, so it is coming a day late. Better late than never...right?!?

This week is a centered around extensions that will motivate, inspire, and create stunning homepages. Big thanks to Robert Heard for sharing a post on Google+ with these four extensions. 

#1: Momentum
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension is awesome. Not only does it give you the current weather (something I always have to know for some reason), but allows you to choose a focus for the day and add todos. I also love the photography and inspiring quotes that are given. 

#2: Dayboard
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension is great for people who want to stay on top of the things that have to do. Start your day by writing down the top 5 things that you want to do that day. Everytime you open a new tab it will remind you of those things. The todos will carry over to the next day in the instance that you have not finished the task. 

#3Card Board
Type: Productivity
Summary: This extension is a customizable homepage that is Google specific. You are able to search from the page, see recent downloads or your Google apps. Choose the look by customizing the theme. It is still in beta phase, so there are a few setbacks, but overall it is pretty promising. 

#4: Home 
Type: Productivity
SummaryCustomize your homepage with notifications (Gmail, Google Calendar, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Facebook), Chrome Apps, recently closed tabs, notes, and more. This is great for those that need or want easy access to multiple things.

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